Full Retention Management


Retention Back offers a Full Retention Management Service to all our construction partners. Our unique systems will track and maintain records of your retention payments as they fall due ensuring that your cashflow is maximised and resources are not wasted. Our services have benefited our main contractor and subcontractor clients as follows; 

Our services free up your time so you can concentrate on your core business

Improve your company's cashflow by ensuring retention is paid on time.

Help to reconcile and close out Historic accounts once and for all.

We act as your independent third party Retention Broker to negotiate and settle accounts with your supply chain on your behalf.

We offer Inhouse or Independent Retention Service Solutions to suit your business needs.

We operate a No Win, No Fee service therefore we only get paid when you get paid!

Contact us today to learn more about how our Full Retention Management Service can increase your cashflow and improve your business.